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When it comes to running a Shopify store, picking the right theme is like choosing the perfect outfit for a date. Indeed, a high-converting theme not only sets a nice vibe for your store’s appearance but also helps turn your visitors into actual buyers.

And it’s much more awesome when one theme does it all, turning more visitors into buyers without needing multiple apps installed.

In this guide, we’ll talk about 5+ best converting Shopify themes. They will be the ones that work magic in getting people to hit that ‘buy now’ button. Let them make your online store the place to be!

What Makes a Shopify Theme Conversion-Optimized

Unlike regular themes, high-converting Shopify themes take some pressure off you and help bring in more orders. To do that, top converting Shopify themes are designed with several key features in mind:

  • Responsive design & user-friendly navigation: A visually appealing interface with easy-to-navigate menus and clear categorization helps visitors find what they’re looking for quickly, reducing bounce rates and encouraging exploration and purchase.
  • Fast loading speed: Portent’s study found if an e-commerce site loads in one second, its conversion rates can be 3x higher. The best converting themes for Shopify typically earn scores 90+ on PageSpeed Insights for desktop.
  • In-built marketing tools: A high-converting theme includes CTA buttons, banners, and popups that prompt visitors to take action, such as adding items to their cart or checking out.
  • Trust signals: A conversion-optimized Shopify theme incorporates trust badges, customer reviews, and secure payment icons that reassure visitors about the safety and reliability of their transactions.
  • Recommendation engine: A high-converting theme typically offers an algorithm that suggests products based on customer preferences, perfect for cross-selling.
  • Urgency creation: Converting themes usually offer countdown timers and stock counters that give customers a sense of urgency to make purchase decisions. This effect is called buyer’s FOMO (fear of missing out).
  • Customizability and flexibility: A high-converting theme offers customizability, allowing you to match design elements to your brand’s style without starting from scratch. Therefore, you can conduct A/B tests and enhance your conversion rates.

You see, a high-converting Shopify theme can benefit you a lot in increasing your conversion rate. The best Shopify themes for conversions lay the groundwork for a smooth shopping experience, building trust and confidence in your store, and ultimately driving increased conversions.

But with so many themes out there, finding the best converting Shopify theme for your online store can be tough. Don’t fret! We’ve done the legwork and discovered the top 5 best converting Shopify themes you absolutely can’t overlook. Let’s dive in!

5+ Best Converting Themes for Shopify Stores

1. Neat – Best for Visual Brand Storytelling

Neat, just like its name, is designed with a modern and clean aesthetic in mind. It boasts clean typography, multi-level menus, and responsive design for a polished appearance.

Neat theme - one of the best converting Shopify themes

Neat’s most powerful feature – Quick Shop streamlines the buying process, allowing visitors to make purchases without navigating to individual product pages, thus boosting conversions.

Additionally, its media-focused product page offers highly versatile display options, including image stacking, carousels, videos, and video banners all tailored to showcase your products in the best possible light.

Overall, Neat stands out for its simplicity but still becomes a powerful sales booster among the highest converting Shopify themes.

How Neat helps convert

  • Offers an effortless shopping experience with the Quick Shop feature 
  • Gives easy access to essential details (such as shipping details, size charts, and store locators) and streamlines the process
  • Increases customer trust and engagement through 
  • Creates a sense of urgency, prompting visitors to take action swiftly

Price: $200

View Store Demo

Stores using Neat

Richa and Fame: Fashion store

Fashion store using Neat Shopify theme

Let’s explore the top inspiring the best one product Shopify stores.

Virt Design: Accessories store

accessories store using Neat Shopify theme

AnimaLuxury: Men’s clothes and accessories store

men clothing store using Neat theme

You’ll want to explore more Shopify fashion themes.

2. Booster – Best for Loading Speed

Booster has made a name for itself as the most fast converting Shopify theme with loading pages of just 0.6 seconds thanks to its efficient features like automatic image optimization and minimized server requests. You will never be afraid of losing traffic again.

Booster Shopify theme

Moreover, it’s perfect for both tech-savvy and non-tech users, offering the flexibility to effortlessly design a store that converts. You can pick either user-friendly drag-and-drop options or ready-made demo stores. With the demos, you just import your products, add your touch, and start selling!

How Booster helps convert

  • Has built-in marketing tools such as Frequently Bought Together, and Related Products that support cross-selling and drive sales
  • Shows factious sales even when you have no customers to increase customer trust
  • Adds a promotional timer to create urgency and motivate visitors to make their purchase before time runs out.

Price: $248 (Yearly license); $398 (Lifetime license)

View Store Demo

Stores using Booster

Pillow Cube: Pillows, Mattresses and Bedding Essentials

pillow store using Booster theme

Wheel and Sprocket: Bicycle parts and accessories

bicycle parts and accessories store using Booster theme

Paw Roll: Dog products

pet store using Booster theme

3. Motion – Best for Minimalist

Motion offers three theme styles, Minimal, Classic (black and white), and Elegant (dark blue and light gray). Motion is minimalist yet powerful since it can leave most space to showcase products, ultimately leading to more conversions.

With eye-catching full-screen videos or images, personalized product collections, and sticky descriptions, every aspect of Motion is designed to capture customers’ attention and exude a premium look and feel.

Motion theme - Best for Minimalist

How Motion helps convert

  • Features Quick buy buttons for easy and prompt purchases
  • Includes customer testimonials section for trust-building
  • Comes with cross-selling tools driven by a recommendation engine.

Price: $360

View Store Demo

Stores using Motion

Astropad: Tech accessories store

electronics Shopify store

Awake Chocolate: Chocolate Store

chocolate store using Shopify theme

Alleyoop: Beauty store

beauty store using Shopify theme

4. Best for Premium Design: Prestige

Prestige is among the go-to converting Shopify themes for Beauty and Health brands. Indeed, it is elegantly crafted to provide a premium, luxurious aesthetic and highlight your products and brand identity.

With Prestige, you can share your brand story and identity through editorial content and visual storytelling features, fostering a deeper connection with your customers and enhancing their loyalty.

Prestige Shopify theme

How Prestige helps convert

  • Offers an In-store pickup feature for local shoppers’ convenience in locating and collecting items
  • Allows custom promotion tiles to highlight discounts and featured products
  • Boasts lightning-fast load time and an accessibility-focused theme for seamless browsing

Price: $380

View Store Demo

Stores using Prestige

Whitney: Art store

art store using Shopify theme

Fawn Design: Bags and accessories

bag and accessories stores

Whiskey Myers: Fashion store

clothing and accessories stores

5. Best for Customization: Turbo

Turbo is a feature-rich premium theme with 6 different styles that perfectly fit different industries. Like Booster, Turbo also excels in speed, ensuring a fast and seamless journey for your customers.

The theme’s highly flexible designs and numerous customization options allow you to enhance your store’s appearance and align it with your brand’s vibe, ultimately elevating the customer experience.

Turbo Shopify theme

How Turbo helps convert

  • Includes a mini cart to streamline the checkout process, allowing customers to complete their purchase without navigating away from their current page.
  • Offer back-in-stock alerts to create a sense of urgency and give customers a chance to purchase previously sought-after products.

Price: $425

View Store Demo

Stores using Turbo

Soap Folk: Bathroom accessories store

bathroom accessories store using Shopify theme

Carter & Rose: Home Decor Store

home decor accessories store

Auguste: Fashion store

Shopify fashion store

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BONUS: How to choose the right Shopify themes that convert

Wait a minute! To select a Shopify theme that maximizes conversions, you must align it with your online store’s needs and brand objectives. Consider the following key factors before making a decision:

Your niche

Your niche dictates the overall vibe of your eCommerce store. For example, if you’re in the home decor niche, a theme with clean lines and minimalist design may be more fitting to highlight your products’ aesthetics. Conversely, a fitness equipment store could go for a theme with bold, energetic colors and strong imagery to appeal to active lifestyles.

Your brand’s identity

Your brand’s identity plays a significant role in shaping your store’s aesthetic. Therefore, it’s essential to define your brand’s image early on to ensure the theme aligns with your vision.

For instance, both Sephora and Glossier, operating in the cosmetics sector, would choose themes that reflect their brand identities. Sephora might prefer interactive features and vibrant colors, while Glossier may opt for a clean design with soft pastel tones.

Shopify store brand identify

Theme features

There is not a universal method to operate a business. Products are the foundation of each store that precedes the types of features needed.

A handmade jewelry store might prioritize themes with gallery-style product pages and customer testimonials to showcase craftsmanship and build trust. One the contrary, a tech gadget store might prioritize themes with interactive product demos and detailed specifications to help customers make informed purchase decisions.

Besides, since we talk about high-converting themes, always note special features like a countdown timer, customer reviews, FAQs, and so on. These significantly contribute to boosting conversion rates for your store.

Customization options

Themes are not one-size-fits-all. Hence, look for themes that offer customization options.

Whether you aim to ensure your online store reflects your brand identity or seek quick setup and minimal maintenance, a highly customizable theme offers flexibility as your business grows in the ever-changing landscape of customer trends.


While paid themes offer more features, consider your budget before investing. You can choose free themes that can still meet your needs, especially if you’re just starting, before investing in a premium theme to unlock advanced features and customization options.

In conclusion

Our cherry-picked best converting Shopify themes are indeed the cream of the crop when it comes to boosting conversion rates for online stores. They come packed with features to enhance the shopping experience and ultimately drive sales.

To choose the best theme for your store, consider factors like your niche, brand identity, desired features, customization options, and budget. By carefully considering these aspects, you can pick a theme that aligns perfectly with your business.