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best Shopify themes for dropshipping

Dropshipping has gained in popularity over recent years. People need to build a captivating and functional online store to benefit from this business model. Selecting the right Shopify theme is essential to turn your store into an engaging, conversion-centered place.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a guide on selecting the best Shopify themes for dropshipping. The theme list introduced comes with a variety of example presets and offers cutting-edge functionalities. No matter which niche, service, or product line you choose, these themes can meet all your demands and elevate your dropshipping business.

7 Best Shopify themes for dropshipping stores

Don’t hesitate to discover the 7+ best Shopify themes that can take your dropshipping store to a higher level.

1. Neat

With a sleek and modern design, the Neat theme is an ideal choice for dropshipping merchants. As a visual storytelling theme, Neat is a powerful tool for small-to-medium-scale businesses that want to build a strong brand identity.

Neat - one of the best Shopify themes for dropshipping

Theme styles

White, Brown, Green, and Dark are 4 theme styles offered by Neat. Each of them matches different product lines. 

While the White style is perfect for clothing and accessories shops, Brown suits the stores selling personal care products. 

If you sell outdoor products like camping sleeping bags, blackout tents, and camping chairs & stools, it is recommended to select the Green preset. 

The last option, the Dark theme style, is designed to highlight fitness brands. Gyms, fitness centers, and personal trainers can utilize this preset to attract potential clients to their services.

Key features

Product showcasing is a key element for the success of Shopify dropshipping stores. Grabbing this point, Neat theme provides users with numerous sections that help build media-focused product pages. It allows you to set image stacking, display image carousels, create product slideshows, or add product videos.

In addition to product display, Neat helps enhance customer experience with Quick Shop, mega menu, and product filtering and sorting.

Promo popups, in-menu promos, and countdown timer are the features built for marketing and conversions. You can utilize these features to maximize the effectiveness of marketing and sales strategies.

Price: $200

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Dropshipping stores using Neat

dropshipping stores using Neat
dropshipping store using Neat theme

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2. Warehouse

While Neat best suits small and medium-scale dropshipping businesses, Warehouse is tailored for high-volume stores. 

Warehouse - best shopify theme for dropshipping

Theme styles

Regarding design and layout, Warehouse provides users with three layout options, including Metal, Wood, and Fabric. Metal is an ideal theme style to build a minimalist website for tech gadgets. Despite carrying a minimalist aesthetic, this layout focuses on highlighting products, ensuring they captivate and engage your customers.  

If you are looking to build a warm and inviting website, the Wood preset can meet your demand. This elegant and classic style is ideal for displaying home interior items or handcrafted furniture.     

Meanwhile, Fabric uses bold, dark tones to create a captivating visual impact, tailor-made for businesses showcasing trendy apparel, accessories, and lifestyle products.

Key features

Warehouse is specifically designed for dropshipping stores with a large catalog of products. The theme allows you to add thousands of products to collection pages. It also provides different layouts, filters, and display options to present products effectively.

The theme’s adaptable layout with numerous customization options empowers you to create a distinctive design for your store. Then, you can display products and content in a visually compelling way that aligns with your brand.

Using Warehouse, you also can rest assured about the web performance. Thanks to its powerful, cutting-edge codebase developed by experts, the theme is optimized for exceptional performance. This ensures a lightning-fast loading experience for your customers regardless of the large number of products available in the store.

Price: $320

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Dropshipping stores using Warehouse

dropshipping stores using Warehouse theme
dropshipping store using Warehouse
dropshipping store using Warehouse theme

3. Be Yours

As a highly customizable theme, Be Yours is a perfect choice for dropshipping stores. The theme offers several styles that align with a variety of product lines, along with powerful features for boosting your store. 

Be Yours - best shopify theme for dropshipping

Theme styles

There are four theme styles available for you to choose from, including Beauty, Trendy, Peace, and Dark.  

Using soft and light tones, Beauty brings a fresh feeling to customers. This aesthetic will work great for beauty and skincare brands.

Bright colors create a dynamic ambiance and youthful space in the Trendy style, attracting young customers and making it perfect for showcasing stylish clothing, accessories, and jewelry.

The green shade of Peace carries a minimalist and nature-inspired style, leaving customers with feelings of calmness and relaxation. Wellness, craft, and gift businesses will love this vibe.

The last one – Dark stands out with rich black tones, creating an elegant, luxurious aesthetic, making it ideal for displaying high-ticket items and electronic products.

Key features

The theme delivers unparalleled functionality and customization with its latest OS 2.0 update. There are over 30 content sections available for you to build distinctive product pages, homepage, collection pages, and so on. 

In addition to providing page building capabilities,  Be Yours is strategically designed to drive conversions. Crafted with precision, the theme’s intuitive user experience and unique aesthetic have made it a standout in the Shopify marketplace.

If you focus on one core offering, meaning building one product Shopify stores, Be Yours can help a lot. The theme offers versatile sections and alternative product templates that ensure your store maintains a cohesive, on-brand look. 

Price: $320

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Dropshipping stores using Be Yours

dropshipping stores using Be Yours
dropshipping store using Be Yours
dropshipping store using Be Yours theme
dropshipping stores using Be Yours theme

4. Combine

If you are looking to purchase a theme designed for high-volume stores, visual brand storytelling, and flash sales, no option is better than Combine. Let’s explore its design and features. 

Combine - best shopify theme for dropshipping

Theme styles

Combine offers up to 5 presets, including Objects, Electronics, Beauty, Books, and Restaurant. Each preset works great as its name suggests. 

With light color tones, the Objects preset is designed for showcasing household objects such as bedroom kits, glasses, and planter sets. For dropshipping businesses selling electronics accessories, the design and layout of the Electronics preset will meet their demand. If you select this beauty & cosmetics niche for dropshipping, you are recommended to use the Beauty preset. 

The theme provides two other presets, Books and Restaurant. If Books is ideal for setting up an online bookstore, Restaurant brings a harmony of colors and space, making it great for food shops and cafes.

Key features

Known as a theme for boosting sales and revenue, Combine provides a powerful bundle builder that empowers users to sell more products by setting up product bundles, upsells, and cross-sells. If you can use these features effectively, they help increase the average order value for your store.

Regarding page design, there are over 25 content sections built for the theme. Whether you’re running a food shop or selling tech accessories, Combine gives you a chance to customize Shopify pages to create your desired aesthetic.

The most interesting feature of the theme is the parallax vertical slider. This effect allows you to creatively showcase your products, collections, brand stories, and offerings, ensuring your visitors take notice at first sight.

Price: $360

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Dropshipping stores using Combine

dropshipping store using Combine
dropshipping stores using Combine
dropshipping store using Combine theme
dropshipping stores using Combine theme

5. Empire

Both dropshippers and physical store owners will love Empire, which provides merchants with eye-catching designs and powerful features for user experience enhancement.

Empire - best shopify theme for dropshipping

Theme styles

Supply, Industrial, Depot, and Graphic are four example presets offered by the Empire theme. 

The grid layout of Supply helps build responsive and hierarchical websites, ensuring smooth user browsing and navigation. This layout suits dropshipping stores displaying products in large quantities.

Industrial, which brings a modern and dynamic aesthetic, is designed to showcase electronic accessories. It also works well to ensure authority and strengthen brand identity.

Types of products like machinery, hardware, and craftsman tools will love the Depot preset because of its bold and robust vibe while Graphic carries an elegant and modern vibe ideal for visual storytelling, making it the best choice for setting up art galleries or selling art & craft products.

Key features

Empire is specifically designed for large product catalogs with a capacity to handle extensive inventories. Besides, it provides powerful features for product discovery, comparison, and conversion.

Not only that, advanced features for showcasing, upselling, and cross-selling your products help you get more value out of every sale. Its responsive design and app-level functionality make it a great fit for a wide range of brands and business models.

Whether you’re running a large e-commerce operation or expanding your product offerings, the Empire theme provides the robust features and flexibility you need to drive higher order values and conversion rates. Let’s explore the best converting Shopify themes.

Price: $340

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Dropshipping stores using Empire

dropshipping store using Empire
dropshipping stores using Empire
dropshipping store using Empire theme
dropshipping stores using Empire theme

6. Expanse

As a dropshipper, you should not miss such a versatile theme as Expanse. The balance between design and function makes it perfect for any business needs.

Expanse - best shopify theme for dropshipping

Theme styles

You can choose from the three available presets, consisting of modern, classic, and contemporary

The first one, Modern, stands out with its minimalist and elegant style. This preset impresses visitors with its selection of warm and bold color palettes, positioning it as an ideal fit for beauty products.

That the traditional style surrounds the Classic template brings an old-fashioned charm, making visitors curious about your brand story. It would be a good idea to select Classic for showcasing vintage-aesthetic products.

Coming to the Contemporary preset, you’ll explore a versatile style that makes it fit various product lines, from food and beverage to handcrafted items.

Key features

With over 20 content sections, the Expanse theme empowers users to flexibly build captivating layouts to showcase products in style. It allows you to effortlessly build custom landing pages, homepage, and collection templates. In addition, for each product, you can add custom product sales points using metafields.

If you want to apply the cross-selling technique for marketing strategies, Expanse will be your great supporter. It offers the feature to display recommended items in rows based on product-specific information such as description and category. You also can upsell or cross-sell items directly from the cart page.

Other powerful features like promo pop-ups, promo titles, in-menu promos, and promo banners can be instrumental in dropshippers’ marketing and sales efforts. That being said, you should use them strategically instead of overwhelming your customers with a barrage of sales pitches.

Price: $380

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Dropshipping stores using Expanse

dropshipping store using Expanse
dropshipping store using Expanse theme


With fast speed, responsive design, and powerful features, Eurus is well worth considering for dropshipping businesses. 

Eurus - best shopify theme for dropshipping

Theme styles

Let’s explore the five theme styles provided by Eurus. They include Puff, Breeze, Breath, Swirl, and Whiff.

With a minimalist and clean design, Puff is optimized for simplicity and empowers products to be the main attraction. It is tailored for health, beauty, and home decor stores. 

Breeze’s orange shades exude a dynamic vibe. Fashion, accessories, and sports businesses can use this preset to make products stand out.

On the other hand, Breath takes green as the main color, making visitors immersed in a breath of nature. Such a fresh and peaceful style is ideal for featuring garden tools and planters. 

If you intend to set up a children’s toy store, Swirl is a great choice. The playful visuals and inviting atmosphere of this style leave moms with favorable impressions.

For high-ticket dropshipping products that need luxurious space,  the Whiff style with an elegant canvas should be considered.  

Key features

Eurus is known as a mobile-first theme that is equipped with device-detected Light/Dark modes and optimized for fast speed. These advantages significantly enhance user experience. 

Besides, the theme is integrated with a variety of powerful features. Using the theme, you can build 4-level mega menus, set product labels, cross-sell and upsell products, create pop-up discounts, and run flash sales.

What makes you most excited about Eurus is it empowers you to build web pages with over 40 powerful sections and 80 available templates. You are believed to create a visually stunning store that draws in customers from the very first glance.

Price: $240

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Dropshipping stores using Expanse

dropshipping store using Eurus
dropshipping store using Eurus theme
dropshipping stores using Eurus theme

What to consider when selecting a dropshipping Shopify theme

To choose the right Shopify theme, you should consider the following elements:

  • Dropshipping-Optimized Design: It should be the theme with a large product catalog for you to add and showcase a varied collection of products. Besides, the theme should integrate seamlessly with popular dropshipping suppliers and platforms for streamlined order fulfillment.
  • High performance: It is necessary to look at the three elements, including responsiveness, mobile optimization, and load speed.
  • Product Presentation: The theme selected should provide options that allow showcasing products in a visually appealing way such as high-resolution images, image zoom, slideshow, and product videos. 
  • Customization Options: You will want to set a different layout and functionality for your brand. Then, it is advisable to check the theme’s settings, features, and editing capabilities.
  • SEO Optimization: You need to inspect the theme’s HTML structure, load times, mobile responsiveness, structured data markup, SEO-friendly URLs, meta tag & title customization, XML sitemap generation, breadcrumb navigation, and blog integration. 
  • User Experience (UX): Evaluate the theme’s navigation, filtering, and checkout process to ensure a smooth and intuitive user experience for your customers.
  • Third-Party App Integration: Check if the theme is compatible with the Shopify apps you plan to use, such as review platforms, email marketing tools, or inventory management systems.
  • Maintenance and Updates: Consider how often the theme is updated and whether the developer provides ongoing support, which helps ensure the theme is still secure and compatible with new Shopify updates.

Which Shopify theme is best for your dropshipping store?

All the themes introduced in the article are selected based on a range of criteria, including aesthetic appeal, performance, user experience,  customization options, and integration capability. What’s more, they incorporate features that cater specifically to the needs of dropshipping businesses. Depending on your specific requirements, you will choose the one that fits your brand identity to develop your business.