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You can manage multiple theme settings with live previews in our Customizer setting.

  • 1. Go to Appearance -> Customizer from the left sidebar in WP admin panel
  • 2. You can manage a lot of panels, sections, settings, check all available Tab with settings.
  • 3. When you change the value of one set, the result appears without saving. You can test before saving by click to Save button.

Some special customizes

1. Change theme stuff’s color

2. Change typography of Body, Primary Menu & Heading font.

3. Change options of page header like: Enable / Disable page header for all page; Edit the space; Edit the Background page: color, image and background repeat and size. Edit the color & font of page header.

4. Theme Option

  • Change the blog single setting: Enable / Disable related posts and Share social; Edit the font blog meta and font title comment.
  • Edit the Footer: Enable / Disable Footer widgets; Editing text for Footer left and right; Change the Footer Copyright; Enable / Disable the button Back to Top; Edit background color and so on…
  • Change the General setting: You can select style for Display: Pagination and Load more button; Enable / Disable the option for Sticky Menu / Smooth Scroll and Preload Effect.

You can also select style for sidebar, and customize the 404 error page.

5. Change the Site Identify: Edit the logo and stick logo for page header; You can edit the site title, tagline and change the site icon.

6. With the help of Boostify Header & Footer, you can select the header / footer here and set it to show where you want from the list:

And you can see the setting here: