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dog breeder WordPress themes

You’re going to need a standout website that fits your company whether you run a veterinary clinic, pet-sitting service, pet shelter, pet store, or breeding company.

Dog breeder WordPress theme is widely available. However, deciding which one to choose might be challenging.

Thankfully, we’ve already done this hard work for you. Below are the top 5 WordPress themes for dog breeders that will enhance the performance of your website.

All bloggers and professionals with an interest in the field of animal care are welcome to use our collection of premium BoostifyThemes themes for dog breeders.

Things You Must Do When Picking a Dog Breeder WordPress Theme

Check if the theme demo works smoothly on mobile

In this world where the internet almost dominates every aspect of life, your website should be designed with the best look.

Today, almost all WordPress themes are fully responsive, which means they function as well on desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and other devices.

Hence, if you do not properly verify that your theme functions on mobile devices, you might encounter problems. However, you can see theme demos to preview how your website will appear on different devices and put on some modifications if needed.

Have a look at public reviews

If you find picking a dog breeding WordPress theme challenging, think again! Thankfully, you now can easily find the information you need without doing much research by reading reviews.

Knowing the reputation of the developers who created the theme seems to be the first thing you will do before purchasing a WordPress theme.

To do so, taking the wisdom of the crowd into account is a great way. In addition to the reviews on the official website, you can simply find other reviews on various websites, blogs, forums, or social media accounts.

See regular updates and support 

This is a critical point. They show you if the theme is still being developed and whether any potential problems can be fixed quickly and effectively.

Since it is compatible with the most recent releases of the WordPress core, an updated theme is always more secure. By the way, a theme that is updated frequently typically has more new functionality. Overall, it is always a positive indicator when a product is developed consistently.

You may also take a quick check at the documentation; in general, premium WordPress themes are considerably better written, with detailed explanations of each little step. Therefore, non-technical WordPress users have a lot more opportunities to create their own websites with fewer resources.

Also easily accessible should be the support channels. The best-case scenario has assistance available via phone, chat, email, forums, and support tickets.

Use a tool to test the theme speed

Because occasionally developers or writers have a lot of analytical scripts working that do not have on your website, a performance demo check is essential.

As a user, you should get a general understanding of how well your selected theme is working and how well-optimized your theme is. Additionally, evaluating the demo site is your best option if you are not permitted to access the theme files directly.

Using tools like Pingdom, you can assess the performance and loading speed of the theme demo URL.

Ensure the theme has no SEO mistakes

A variety of factors, including your content, security, actions, installed plugins, and others, affect how you rank in search engines. Make sure the theme doesn’t already have any SEO problems. For instance, several theme designers continue to disregard the “header” and “alt” tags in the themes.

To limit these problems with SEO, you can perform some SEO checks using a quick tool like MozBar.

Ask the developer any questions about your theme

You should approach the theme’s creator about any concerns you may have. Regardless of how ridiculous the question seems, it is nonetheless crucial.

Contact your developer to learn more if you wish to add additional features but are unfamiliar with the theme.

You can consider the scenario where you recently viewed a WP template with this upvote function. Although you were aware that this kind of caching and functionality has drawbacks, it was still nice.

So you got in touch with the creator and asked if the upvote function would still function with caching. The answer from the developer was no.

Even if it might not be a major deal, it is still crucial to have answers to all of your questions in order to build a great website.

Find Out the 5 Best Dog Breeder WordPress Themes

1. United Pets – Pet Shop & Veterinary WordPress Theme

United Pets - Pet Shop & Veterinary WordPress Theme

The first amazing option is this adorable United Pets if you’re looking to develop a lovely responsive website for your stylish pet store, dog training courses,  dog/cat trainers, pet caregivers, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and pet hotels.

United Pets is a gorgeous dog breeder WordPress theme that serves multiple functions. As a result, you can start a blog with a simple animal or run your dog training courses with ease.

Want to add more variety to the home page? The theme’s inbuilt Elementor Page Builder enables you to create as many different page layouts as you can think of. By the way, we want to introduce you to some Elementor WordPress themes.

Additionally, United Pets has a retina-ready display and is totally responsive, so your site will look fantastic on any screen. You will receive a site with quicker speed thanks to the more than 30 built-in shortcodes.

After all, this is generally one of the cutest WordPress themes available for pet-related websites.


  • The installation is new and very easy
  • This is a modern, cute, and flexible theme
  • It offers fast and efficient support service


  • The quality of the coding gets some issues when running, but it can be easily solved by contacting the developers.


  • Regular price: $59

You are recommended to explore WordPress themes for lifestyle blogs if you want to build a lifestyle website covering any topic like beauty & skincare, food & drink, wellness, and so on.

2. LovePet – Pet Shop & Veterinary Theme

LovePet - Pet Shop & Veterinary Theme

LovePet, created by BoostifyThemes, is another top pick on our list. This is a lovely and responsive dog theme that works well for small pet shops, animal hospitals, veterinary clinics, and daycare facilities. One of the gorgeously created site templates for pet shops and clinics.

This WordPress theme was created specifically for vet clinic websites and is completely responsive. By giving your consumers access to the appointment form for your vet professionals’ schedule, you may make their usage of your website for animal care delightful.

With the built-in gallery, you can now properly display your services, customer testimonials, and veterinary specialists while showcasing all creatures up for adoption and delighted clients who brought their animals home.

Additionally, you can utilize the well-known Woocommerce plugin, as well as numerous special blogging templates and shop layouts, to present all animal items on online store pages.

With this veterinary clinic theme, you can show the world how much you care about animals and pets!


  • This theme is amazing to work with and has a bunch of extra features
  • It includes clean and very good-quality code


  • Some users complaint that there are some errors with Woocommerce plugins during use


  • Regular price: $59

3. Petz – Pet Care & Veterinary Theme

Petz - Pet Care & Veterinary Theme

The prettiest Petz theme will bring to your website and audience the friendliness that comes from our furry friends. So if you’re looking to design a theme with an adorable dog breeder website template, you’ve come to the correct place.

The theme’s built-in Page Builder enables you to create as many different page layouts as you can think of.

With Petz, your furry customers have the option to contact you via their mobile devices because it is entirely responsive.

Petz provides a tonne of helpful features and tools to build a powerful online presence for your business, all fully backed by thorough documentation.

The BoostifyThemes team appreciates this superbly designed pet shop WordPress theme, especially in light of its affordable pricing. So just try the live demo and you will see your choice is right.


  • Easy to install and works like a charm
  • Excellent and timely support


  • Loading speed needs to be improved better.


  • Regular price: $59

4. Welsh Corgi | Dog Breeding and Sale WordPress Theme

Welsh Corgi - Dog Breeding and Sale WordPress Theme

The Welsh Corgi is rated as one of the most well-liked and adorable dog breeds. The theme does the same!  The Welsh Corgi theme is one of the best WordPress themes for dog trainers as well as dog lovers who breed and care for pets.

You can utilize the considerable prepared pages and dog training website template included with this theme for a variety of dog breeder websites.

Besides, getting the ideal photographs for your website is a breeze without pondering thousands of choices by utilizing the appropriate grid plugin to create a stunning gallery.

ThemeREX’s contributions add-on will let you accept money online, while also improving the list of your customers, and many other helpful plugins are included with this theme.

Overall, the Welsh Corgi theme will be your one-stop shop for a suitable website design if you are an animal breeder or running a pet sales company or grooming pet agency.

With the Welsh Corgi WP theme, it’s time to start building a pet care website unlike any other.


  • It offers great features that make the website appear professional


  • There are some style sheet mistakes
  • It offers fewer customization options


  • Regular price: $59

5. Woof! – Pet WordPress Theme

Woof! - Pet WordPress Theme

The last pick – Woof!, is a unique and fully responsive multi-page WP theme designed for any website devoted to your dogs as well as other pets. Businesses that provide adoption, pet care, kennel, and veterinary services should use it the most.

The theme has a lot of useful features that are simple to update, personalize, and utilize.

The shortcode generator and Visual Composer make it simple to add several items and change the appearance of this neat and stylish design. However, it also incorporates normal blog pages, adoption sites, and service pages into the theme.

Let’s design a beautiful website for your pet grooming service that is feature-rich and easily accessible to your end customers.

You will be confident working with Woof! since they provide devoted customer support. Therefore, you will always receive prompt support if you have a problem.


  • It offers great customer service
  • It allows almost full customizations


  • It has no installation services


  • Regular price: $69

How to create a unique dog breeder website design

To keep their websites fresh and unique, changing the dog breeder website design is the greatest way ever!

Nothing is worse than a dull and old website. It won’t inspire trust in your visitors or keep them interested in your website.

In addition to changing the look of your website, the following ways can help your website stand out from competitors.

Show yourself well on your homepage

Have you ever viewed a website without understanding its purpose?

Visitors to websites also don’t bother to look for answers. Since internet users have such short attention spans and little patience, they just leave and visit another website.

You should optimize your dog breeder website templates to make it easier for you to build a homepage that

  • engages and draws in your audience
  • helps and informs your audience
  • invites their interaction with you.

Choose the homepage hero image to support the message of your site

When someone visits your website, the hero photo is the first thing they encounter.

Your tagline and text should be combined in it. Therefore, it must support the point you are attempting to make. The photo must be of high quality, in focus, and have a suitable composition for a website headline.

Optimize the homepage tagline

The homepage tagline is one of the items a visitor will see after the hero picture when they visit the site, thus it’s crucial to get it just perfect.

It should be brief and direct while yet making obvious who you are and what you do.

Moreover, it informs search engines of the subject matter of this page, in this case, the homepage. Your search engine rankings could be enhanced by optimizing your homepage’s H1 (tagline) element.

Which is the best dog breeder WordPress theme?

Today, building a website for dog breeding is a breeze.  Anybody can develop websites with little to no experience thanks to the popularity of the dog breeder WordPress theme.

With our top 5 best dog breeder WordPress theme, you will find out the best suited for you. If you are interested in exploring more themes for showing your furry friends, don’t miss out on BoostifyThemes Best WordPress Themes!