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You can manage multiple theme settings with live previews in our Customizer setting.

  • 1. Go to Appearance -> Customizer from the left sidebar in WP admin panel
  • 2. You can manage a lot of panels, sections, settings, check all available Tab with settings.
  • 3. When you change the value of one set, the result appears without saving. You can test before saving by click to Save button.

Some special customizes

1. Change theme stuff’s color

2. Change typography of Mainmenu Transparent Typography, Mainmenu Typography, Submenu Mainmenu Typography, Megamenu Heading Typography, Submenu Megamenu Typography, Body Typography, Heading, H1-H6

3. Change options of Single Tour like: Menu layout, Background color, Customer support, change Related tours number/column .

4. Enable/Disable Feature Destination Image of Single Destination

5. Change options of Single like Enable/Disable page header in all pages, Enable/Disable breadcrumb in all page, Pattern images, change Page Title alignment, upload pattern images, change background color/image/position/size header, Enable/Disable parallax for the background.

6. Change general options like Change header layout for pages, Enable/Disable Preloader, Smooth scrolling, Dialog search.

7. Change logo for pages:

8. Change options of the footer like Change background, call to action, copyright text and social link.