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best auto parts WordPress themes

Do you have a website for your automotive business?

If you don’t, you will surely lose your prospective customers. More folks than ever before are opting for a do-it-yourself method for automobile maintenance. They are keeping their automobiles for extended periods and learning how to maintain them.

Besides, mechanics are also using the internet to purchase wholesale parts for their companies.

Creating a visually stunning and user-friendly website will aid in sales growth and expansion into new markets. 

With that in mind, we’ll show you the top 7 best auto parts WordPress themes, along with 5 useful tips for choosing the finest car parts website designs.

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What are auto parts WordPress themes?

Your website will show your company’s professionalism. However, if your career is in the automobile industry, you may not want to invest time and effort in studying web design.

That’s why auto parts WordPress themes are here to help you.

The WooCommerce WordPress themes for car parts stores make it simple to create a fast-loading, attractive website that highlights what you have to offer.

Best Auto Parts WordPress Themes for Online Stores

1. Apar – Auto Parts WordPress Shop Theme

Apar, provided by BoostifyThemes, is one of the most powerful auto parts WordPress themes that may make your site become one of the best websites for car parts.

Apar - auto parts WordPress theme

Apar is a stylish WooCommerce besides many auto parts WordPress themes. It is also totally responsive.

Apar is extremely configurable and looks fantastic on tablets and smartphones. Furthermore, no coding experience is required to design any page. It is really simple to customize.

A robust WooCommerce dashboard allows you to manage your order inventories.

Apar supports the Elementor page builder. The drag-and-drop interface is an example of this. Simply choose an element and drag it to the desired location.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Many different product page layouts and blog styles


  • The customizability isn’t great, but if you know how to code, it’ll be OK.


  • Regular license: $59

2. Azo – Tools Store WooCommerce Themes

Azo is a WordPress theme designed for online auto parts stores.

Azo - car parts WordPress theme

To provide you with the maximum customization options, Azo includes a variety of pre-designed layouts for the home page and product page.

Apart from that, Azo is based on the equipment, tools, and accessories website. However, Azo is also suited for various eCommerce websites such as electronic, medical, organic, supermarket, glasses, sneaker, accessories, supermarkets… or anything else you can think of.

Azo is a professional WordPress theme that you should think about using to build the best websites for your car parts company.


  • Suitable for any type of e-commerce website
  • Amazing customer service


  • Cannot install demo data


  • Regular license: $59

If you choose to use a WooCommerce theme for your business, it is necessary to learn more about the best WooCommerce plugins.

3. Mobimax – Auto Parts WordPress Theme + WooCommerce Shop

As one of the best auto parts WordPress themes, Mobimax offers a fantastic style that is pleasant, clean, and innovative. With this WordPress theme, your visitors will have no problem navigating your business and ordering car parts.

Mobimax - WooCommerce auto parts theme

Mobimax offers a fantastic style that is pleasant, clean, and innovative. With this WordPress theme, your visitors will have no problem navigating your business and ordering car parts.

Mobimax offers over 150 pre-designed graphic components and interfaces with a popular page builder plugin. To build unique designs, you can edit and rearrange these parts on each page.

Mobimax works with WooCommerce and supports a variety of plugins for features like lightboxes, much like any other eCommerce theme now.

On the store page, you’ll also like the extensive product filters. Visitors can search for automotive parts based on the vehicle’s model, make, or year. They can also include the VIN.

It also comes with a big menu, a header and footer builder, and a slew of other tools for producing unique promotional content for your business.

Mobimax is the perfect auto parts website template for creating a store that can manage a big collection of items.


  • Great support
  • Good theme with a lot of features and pre-made content. It’s also very customizable


  • The process of importing databases from CSV is not yet complete, making it difficult to enter significant volumes of car data
  • No one would get to the purchase button since the cart and checkout are so long, and you can’t modify them in the code


  • Regular license: $59
  • Extended license: $2950

4. Chromium – Auto Parts Shop WordPress Elementor Theme

Themes Zone’s Chromium is a stunning new theme with brilliant layouts, excellent typography, and a wide range of customization options.

Chromimum - WordPress theme for best auto parts website

You’ll find flawless integration with WooCommerce if you check at one of the five demo websites developed for Chromium. You can sell car parts instantly from your site thanks to the eCommerce plugin integration. 

This might be a great approach to diversify and develop your business if you’re currently reliant on in-store sales.

The premium Slider Revolution plugin that comes with Chromium allows you to create dynamic and customizable picture sliders. Slider Revolution is also included at no extra charge, allowing you to build visually appealing slideshows for your business.

Moreover, it’s also fully compatible with Elementor, so you can use the pre-made template blocks that go with Chromium to build completely customized page templates.

Generally, Chromium is among the fantastic automotive templates for anyone wishing to develop a website for auto parts.


  • Very adaptable and attractive
  • Simple to use
  • Consistent code


  • Have a problem with the demo import
  • Have errors when installing the wishlist plugin


  • Regular license: $67

5. Motor – Cars, Parts, Service, Equipments and Accessories WooCommerce Store

Motor is a versatile Woocommerce auto parts theme that focuses on vehicle selling.

Motor - WordPress auto parts eCommerce themes

The Motor theme includes a lot of different aspects, which you’ll notice right immediately.

Sliders, client testimonials, video galleries, and many more page sections can be accessed by scrolling through any of the 3 example sites. Thanks to the page builder, you may acquire any of them in whatever format you choose.

Besides, the WP Bakery Page Builder plugin is included for free with Motor, which is a great addition. The page builder allows you to organize elements on a page in whatever order you like, and then personalize it with your own text and photographs.

Motor also includes the Slider Revolution plugin, which makes creating customized picture sliders a breeze.

This car theme goes a step further by offering business features such as an appointment form that can be customized. Visitors can utilize this to submit their vehicle’s exact model when asking for support from you.

The general auto parts website design of Motor is sleek and spacious, with ample area on the page for each of the goods. Motor’s sleek style may appeal to you if you wish to keep your site as clutter-free as possible.


  • Simple to use and looks great
  • Several customizing options available


  • Have issues with the header and footer
  • Hard to translate it completely into Spanish
  • CSV import/export of product fitment data not included


  • Regular license: $548
  • Extended license: $2300

6. Car Parts Store & Auto Services WordPress Theme + Elementor

While most of these automotive parts website templates for car parts have similar functionality, the Car Parts Store & Auto Services theme stands out.

Car Parts Store & Auto Services WordPress Theme

It works seamlessly with the Gutenberg block editor, which enables you to create customized pages out of pre-made blocks. This helps you to keep your website’s appearance constant throughout.

It’s also compatible with galleries created using Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, GDPR Framework, and Essential Grid.

You can start with several pre-made templates so you don’t have to figure out how to build your site. With widgets and shortcodes, you may customize anything to your taste. With a one-click example site installation, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Furthermore, this WordPress theme is not only perfect for constructing car parts businesses, but it’s also a terrific option for anybody looking to build a website to advertise their auto-related services.

The WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder plugin is free and accessible for any more complex design work.


  • Simple to set up.
  • A fantastic, eye-catching, and useful theme with a lot of customizability.
  • Quick support


  • It’s sometimes buggy


  • Regular license: $69

It is highly recommended to refer to the useful information on WordPress themes with Elementor.

7. Reisen – Automechanic & Auto Body Repair Car WordPress Theme

You can engage with your audience through Reisen whether you own a body shop or run a vehicle maintenance blog. Reisen creates a layout that is suited for your sector.

Reisen - Automechanic & Auto Body Repair Car WordPress Theme

Widgets, shortcodes, and the Visual Composer page builder plugin may all be used to personalize the website.

Demo data is available, which you can import with one click to your site to duplicate the demo site. Other features include WMPL compatibility, Swiper Slider, Slider Revolution, and Essential Grid.

You will attract clients from search results if you employ effective keywords and content since the website is SEO-ready.

One thing to keep in mind is that, while the WooCommerce Products Filter is present in the preview site, WOOF is not included in the theme’s archive.

The theme is WooCommerce compatible, so you can add to your money stream by setting up an online shop in minutes.


  • Nice and clean
  • Adaptable and simple to use


  • There’s a problem with importing the demo data


  • Regular license: $59

5 Handy Tips for the Best Auto Parts Website Designs

Make your website simple to use

Have you ever gone back to the search results and selected a different website because it was so unclear and unhelpful? Unfortunately, this occurs frequently, and it isn’t good for both customers and companies.

Many website owners overcomplicate their navigation for no particular reason. Keep things simple, and make sure no page is more than two clicks away from your main page.

This will need some planning ahead of time, and if your website is ready for running, it may be beneficial to find the reason why someone is unfamiliar with the theme and the time to search for information.

The article on minimal WordPress themes may give you some interesting information on how to create simple but modern designs.

Make your website responsive

A “responsive” website design adjusts to the size of the user’s screen and rearranges elements to make the site as functional as possible.

Consumers today use smartphones, tablets, as well as other devices to search the web for info, and your website should be mobile-friendly.

The ideal option to make your site mobile-friendly is to use a responsive design, which means that your site looks good no matter what size screen or browser a visitor is using. You won’t have to maintain a separate mobile site, and you won’t lose consumers because they can’t access your content.

Regarding creating a responsive website, you are also suggested to explore the Top 7 Best Bookstore WordPress Themes For Selling Books and 5 Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs and Travel Websites.

Add images that are optimized for each product

If you’re familiar with search engine optimization, or SEO, you already know that your site’s content is the most critical feature. You’ve probably prepared a couple of paragraphs of descriptive text for each product you sell, with keywords placed in the appropriate place.

You’ll have a lot simpler time selling your items if you provide photos for each of them (ideally more than one).

And make sure they’re all properly optimized for search engines when you add them to your site. This involves the creation of descriptive file names and alt tags, as well as the inclusion of keywords.

Make it blaze

Websites that function well and load quickly earn more money than those that do not. It’s a reality that has been proven over and over.

PageSpeed Insights tool of Google provides some helpful suggestions for increasing site performance, and if you make it a priority, your web developer will most likely be able to help you speed things up.

Make use of customization

Your consumers aren’t all the same. They have a wide range of interests and needs, which your website should cater to.

Personalization is the most effective approach to do this.

You may adapt your site’s pages or certain page features to better meet the demographic or filmographic profile of individual users by customizing your site.

For instance, if you have software that identifies when a visitor arrives from a manufacturing business, your site can be set up to automatically display components for the automobiles they produce.


The finest auto parts WordPress themes are listed above. We really hope that our top picks will help you choose the best design for your company. Got no clues about where to start? Don’t miss out on BoostifyThemes Paid WordPress Themes.

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