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How to Edit the About & Services Section?

1. How to edit the About section?

To edit About section in Frontpage, you can follow the below videos:

Our Mission Tab

Link: https://d1sz9tkli0lfjq.cloudfront.net/items/0w3W2K2M0A0C1B2b3E3A/Screen%20Recording%202019-09-17%20at%2004.14.21.49%20PM.mp4

Our Events Tab

Link: https://d1sz9tkli0lfjq.cloudfront.net/items/3z2Z031C131T2u3E3F1s/Screen%20Recording%202019-09-17%20at%2004.29.29.26%20PM.mp4

Our Testimonial Tab

Link: https://d1sz9tkli0lfjq.cloudfront.net/items/463Z1X1C2f030R453o0K/Screen%20Recording%202019-09-17%20at%2004.37.55.30%20PM.mp4

2. How to edit the Service section & page

  • Services Section

You can see the video here in case the video is too blur for you to see:


  • Services Page

You can edit the icon set for this page here:

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