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Plugin Installation

After you Activate UnitedPets you will see a message in WP admin panel that you must install required plugins and can install recommended plugins. Don’t worry – all plugins included with theme and you don’t need to download or purchase something.

  1. Click Begin installing plugins in this message
  2. You must check all required plugins and can check recommended plugins (we recommend it to use, but the theme will work without these plugins too):
  3. Select Install in dropdown Bulk Actions menu and click Apply
  4. You should get All installations have been completed message with installed Plugins table below it
  5. You should activate the plugin

UnitedPets theme has included 1-click demo data import feature. This sample data contains menus, sample pages, posts and images. Your site will looks exactly as our demo site if you import sample demo data. We strongly recommend you to import Dummy Data first time when you use our theme first time.