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How can I enable product filtering?

Introducing Product Filtering by Shopify

Shopify now provides native product filtering on collection pages. You can filter on availability, price, product type, vendor, and product options. For more details on setting up product filtering, you can view Shopify’s documentation here.

Can I enable or disable the filter options by Collection?

You can. Because sections are now available on all pages, including collection pages, the product filter options can be enabled or disabled for each collection template you use. Select the Product grid section on any collection template to view the settings and enable or disable filtering.

Can I create my own custom filter options?

You can add an app: Search & Discovery -> Open Filters -> Edit filters and choose filters as you want.

After the edit, you have a chosen filters list:

Now, you can show/hide filters in Collection Customize:

Collection when hiding filters:

Show filters: